Let the Games Begin!

The elk rut has started! Harems are gathering and the bulls are bugling. What great entertainment!

Furry Visitor!

A young black bear ambled through Streamside this evening!

Rain, Rain… go away….

It has been raining in Estes Park recently. Normally, we have warm days with an afternoon thundershower. But the last couple of days have just been slow, steady rains. Not heavy, just wet.

The nice thing… everything is green. Very green! Wildflowers everywhere…

Tundra Flowers

The flowers are blooming up on the tundra and they are spectacular! A carpet of blue, yellow, purple, lavender and pink!



We are having a beautiful weekend here.

Enjoying the Deer and Elk passing through.

Beautiful Day

Streamside on Fall River

It’s a Beautiful day here at Streamside on Fall River.

The Bull Elk are spending there days here enjoying the green grass.

The recent rains have turned everything GREEN!!!

Have to love the recent rains we’ve been getting. Aspens are growing leaves again. Grass is turning green. All the small animals are running around like crazy and the elk are preparing for the arrival of their little ones!

Gotta love spring…

Newly renovated suites

Streamside is pleased to announce the completion of our winter project… the renovation of the One Bedroom Suites!

Formerly called the Condo-Suites, these one bedroom units have a brand new bathroom, all new furniture, and new paint and carpet. These units now feature a queen bed in the bedroom (upgraded from a full bed). The living room has a full sofa-bed and two swiveling easy chairs for convenient access to chat with family and friends on the sofa or to face the fireplace and TV.

These units feature a great patio or deck overlooking Fall River with private BBQ. These are great units for families…